Tamwood English School

Wherever you choose to go in life, Tamwood helps you get there. Whether you want amazing life experiences at unforgettable destinations, acceptance into the international university of your choice, or to accelerate your future career, Tamwood helps make your dreams come true.

These programs help to expand existing abilities, discover talents you didn’t know you had, and forever transform yourself in wonderful ways you can barely imagine.

Start Your Path to Canadian Immigration

You can be confident knowing that Tamwood Careers and Tamwood Language Centres are both Designated Learning Institutions with Citizenship and Immigration Canada, and are registered and accredited with the British Columbia Ministry of Advanced Education and the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities and Tamwood Languages is an accredited member of Languages Canada.

Sprott Shaw Language College

At Sprott Shaw Language College, we want to put you on the path to greatness. Our primary goal at SSLC is to open your world to endless possibilities. We take great pride in serving as your educator, mentor, and adviser.

SSLC was founded to amplify and expand the opportunities you have in life. At our core, we are educators. Nothing makes us happier than to see our students progress and develop personally.

The courses at SSLC were designed to be convenient options for everyone. From beginners to professional employees, SSLC has pathways for anyone who wishes to improve their English language skills.


ILSC Education Group offers life-changing educational experiences in Canada, Australia, and India, some of the world’s most attractive and popular English-speaking work and study destinations.

Discover the world’s second largest country, where the amazing, expansive landscapes are as varied as the diverse people who built and continually redefine this young nation. Study English in Canada, or study French and experience world-class culture, a high quality of life, and a wealth of opportunities.


Vancouver: one of the world’s most livable cities. Vancouver’s amazing landscapes offer outdoor adventures for every interest, from skiing and snowboarding, to hiking, stand-up paddle boarding and bicycling, or just relaxing with friends on local beaches. Combine the outdoors with urban culture at the city’s museums, nightclubs, microbreweries, coffee shops, festivals and more.

Toronto: Canada’s largest metropolis. This diverse city offers a mix of culturally unique neighbourhoods, and has something for everyone –from business, to arts, food, fashion, film, sports, music and more. If you like exploring the outdoors visit the Toronto Islands, enjoy a picnic in High Park, or discover the city’s hidden gems along one of the many walking or bike trails.

Montreal: a bilingual city and the largest French-speaking city in the world outside of Paris. Enjoy culture around the clock, in both official languages. If you’re into the arts, film, food and fashion, you’ll fall in love with the city as soon as you arrive. Montréal is offers a captivating mix of culture and diversity shaped by the French, the English, and immigrants from more than 80 countries.