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Searching for an English school, career college or public university in Canada? We give you the best options to study and work in Canada – A hand-picked choice of over 30 accredited schools and colleges and over 500 different courses!

So, why choose Canada? Come and enjoy the spectacular scenery and learn English with native speakers! GoLearn has a multitude of options for all levels of students in both Vancouver and Toronto, with more destinations to come in the future! Canada has excellent Visa and Career progression paths, with permanent residency possible in only a few years. And the best part? Students can work throughout their study period!

Our partner schools and courses are 100% accredited ensuring the highest standards of quality. With our knowledge of the market, and the feedback of past students, we can guarantee that your experience will high quality, enjoyable and rewarding.

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Very good and reliable agency. They helped me the moment I needed the most help, I was one of those affected by T2T and golearn got a very special price for us without charge. I super refer the agency.

Thanks GoLearn for everthing!

Debora da Rosa (Mexican)